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Slot MachineWe at Slots Knowledge LOVE our slots. Given the amount of time that we have spent playing them, we would like to think that we have built up a fair amount of expertise in the field. We are about to share that expertise with you. There is no denying that Slots are one of the greatest (and most addictive) Casino games of all of time. Early Slot machines can be traced back to the 1890s when they were a little different to the modern online slots where you can play games that are up to 1048 lines. We have played across many online Casinos and bring you all of the information for the very best slots that you possibly need to know. We will tell you the Casinos where you can play your favourite slots including the bonuses, free spins, wagering amounts etc

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Slots WinnerGiven that you are reading this we have a feeling that you may already know a little about Slots. However, here on our home page, we will give you a run down of everything you have ever wanted to know about Slots and more. The history, how to to play, the features, Casinos, wagering requirements, slots providers etc etc. To the right, you can see our favourite slots in list order. Our other pages bring you the top rated slots out there, available jackpots and a full A-Z list of all the slots you could imagine (and where to play them). If you fancy dropping us a note about anything Slots related, please feel free via the contact us tab above.
And lastly, before we begin letting you know everything you need to know. Don′t forget to have fun with the slots but gamble responsibly. Own the slots, don′t let them own you 🙂

How to play Slots

What to do with the slots

Playing SlotsThe basic premise of paying the slots is very straight forward. You enter your money (or decide on wagering amount online), spin the reels and dependent on the combination that ends up on the reels you either win or don′t. However, it is obviously not quite that simple. Here, we cover the basics of how to play online slots.

  1. Choose your slot (we have a number of recommendations for you on this site!)
  2. Check / choose the number of lines – this will be visible either at the bottom of the slot or to the side of the reels
  3. Choose how much you wish to wager. Be careful here… You will generally need to choose both the number of coins per line and the value of the coin. Make sure that you adjust so it is within your budget.
  4. Before spinning check the paytable. There will always be a way to see the table from the slot itself. The paytable will tell you which symbols pay out how much. You will then need to get those symbols along one of the paylines to win (see picture below for paylines). Generally you need at least 3 symbols on a payline to win.
  5. Also check the features / bonus. These are key to playing slots and usually provide the highest payouts. A general rule of thumb is that you will need 3 scatters (not necessarily on paylines) to trigger the bonus. Features / bonuses generally give you free spins with multipliers (e.g. 2x, 3x the usual payout). You can win very handsomely when you hit the bonus!
  6. Slots these days normally have more than one bonus feature so check what is available. If a jackpot is available, also check how it is triggered (although they are usually at random)
  7. Spin and good luck!

Slots Payline

Slots Terminology

Don’t know your reels from your paylines. We are here to help…

Slots Terminology

  • Bonus (or Feature) – One of the the main reasons for playing the Slots. The bonus will allow you to play a mini-game for more cash without wagering any further money. The bonus will usually take the form of free spins with the potential of a multiplier thrown in. Aside from jackpots, Slots bonuses are generally where the big money is won. Usually triggered by getting 3 scatters or specific symbols in any place across the reels. Online Slots these days provide a multitude of different types of bonuses and features. We′ve included some of our favourites here
  • Coin – The number of coins to wager per line
  • Coin Value – The value of each coin to be wagered
  • Reels – Reels are the number of vertical lines on a Slot machine along which the symbols are displayed. In the picture above, the slot has 5 reels. Standard slots include anywhere between 3-5 reels.
  • Paylines – Paylines are the lines along which a win is determined. Per the picture in the section above there are multiple line along which you can win in Slots. Older slots generally have 9 paylines however modern online slots can have anywhere between 9 – 243 lines. Generally you will need to get 3 matching symbols or more across a payline to win.
  • Wild – A wild substitutes for any symbol on the reels (except for Scatters and free spins). Getting 3 or more wilds along paylines generally has a very generous payout.

Where did Slots come from?

The History of Slots

Old Slot MachineOk, so we aren′t going to bore you with a huge essay on every detail of Slots history but here are some interesting facts. To start with… Slots derive their name from the slot where you enter your money (simple really!). The name Fruit Machine comes from the fruits found on reels such as cherries and watermelons

  • The first slots were made around the 1890′s and were based on poker hands. The machines were based in bars and didn′t pay out cash directly however the better the poker hand from the machine, you would be given a free beer or perhaps cigars!
  • Other early slot machines gave out chewing gum and food to get around gambling regulations
  • The first fully mechanised slot machine was produced in 1963 which included an automatic payout feature
  • The first video slot was produced in 1973. It was funded by the Nevada based company Fortune Coin Co
  • Slots have multiple names dependent on country.. Fruit Machines or Fruties (England), the slots (Canada/America), puggy (Scotland) and pokies (Australia / New Zealand). The term “one armed bandit” is an internationally well known and accepted term for slots

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